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                          【學術通知】美國佐治亞州立大學傑出教授V.Kumar:Publishing in Top Journals:Special Guidances for Chinese scholars
                          發佈日期:2019-05-29 點擊數:


                          演講主題:Publishing in Top Journals:Special Guidances for Chinese scholars

                          主 講 人:V.Kumar




                                        Journal of Marketing前任主編

                          主 持 人:田志龍 ,工商管理系教授




                          V.Kumar教授是美國營銷科學學會學術委員會副主席、會士。國際商業頂級學術期刊Journal of Marketing(UTD24)前任主編,12種國際商業學術權威期刊的現任主編和副主編。他是唯一獲得美國營銷學科全部八項終身成就獎的學者  。過去十年內,他是在國際商業頂級學術期刊(UTD24)上發表論文排名世界第一的營銷學者。他爲可口可樂、寶潔、AT&T等衆多世界五百強企業提供諮詢服務。他開發的CLV(客戶終身價值)模型和軟件是北美企業界最流行的客戶關係管理軟件,創造了超過100億美元的價值 。


                          This talk highlights direction for doctoral students and early-career researchers to establish a strong research regimen and ultimately publish in academic journals. Specifically, it discusses guidelines for topics of interest, how to create the foundation of your research, the typical academic journal review process and acceptance criteria, the essential elements of the initial submission to survive the first round and avoid common mistakes in empirical, conceptual, and analytical papers, how to prepare for resubmission and address the reviewers, and lastly how to link academia and practice and create a consistent impact with your research. It emphasizes that impactful scholarly research, especially in the area of marketing strategy, firmly rests in well-thought-out ideation – the process of identifying, developing, and nurturing impactful research ideas. As a result, high-quality scholarly research is bound to emerge out of strong and robust ideas that are precisely structured, articulated, and argued. The four critical steps in the ideation process including generating ideas (incorporating extant literature, utilizing the business community, and integrating cross-disciplinary findings), understanding and considering scientific philosophies, conceptualizing the research, and executing the research are detailed. It provides suggestions on how junior scholars can utilize the research community as it is avital source of inspiration, guidance, and validationavailable to all scholars, and participate in research collaborations as collaborating with academic colleagues and practitioners plays a critical role in generating scholarly output.Additionally, it showcases the significance of understanding the importance of rigor and relevance in marketing research, and highlights the critical role of generating actionable insights for practitioners.