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                                  【學術通知】印度管理髮展滚球什么意思營銷系助理教授Shaphali Gupta:Effect of Technological Innovation Adoption Behavior on Client Engagement: An Empirical Analysis
                                  發佈日期:2019-05-29 點擊數:


                                  演講主題:Effect of Technological Innovation Adoption Behavior on Client Engagement: An Empirical Analysis

                                  主 講 人:Dr.Shaphali Gupta,印度管理髮展滚球什么意思營銷系助理教授

                                  主 持 人:鮑玉昆,工商管理系教授




                                  Shaphali Gupta 博士於2014年獲得印度理工大學營銷學博士學位 。近十年來她的研究興趣包括營銷戰略、顧客體驗管理、顧客參與和廣告策略。她的研究發表在營銷領域國際著名期刊如Journal of Advertising, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of International Marketing,Journal of Services Research上。她講授的課程包括營銷戰略、國際營銷、客戶關係管理和商業研究方法 。她還是印度職業培訓和發展協會授予的金牌講師。她具有多年在企業從事客戶關係管理的工作經歷 。她目前擔任印度管理髮展滚球什么意思營銷系助理教授 。


                                  Despite substantial research on both innovation and customer engagement, our discussions with managers from B2B firms across countries suggests that managers have little strategic guidance on the effect of technological innovation adoption behavior on client engagement especially in the B2B context. In this study, we resolve the following research questions of managerial importance: How does a client’s choice of the a) depth, b) breadth and c) the intergenerational adoption time for a continuous innovation affect client engagement in B2B markets? What are the managerial and theoretical implications for client engagement strategies pertaining to the launch of continuous technological innovations by multinational firms? We link client technology adoption behavior with three measures of engagement – CLV, BRV and VF. As the first study with comprehensive data of adoption behavior, satisfaction and sentiment, and firm-client engagement for multiple technological generations across 7 countries and 7 years, we provide empirical evidence to generate insights on the process of new product adoption of a multigenerational continuous technological innovation. We develop a scale for measuring client satisfaction and client sentiment in a B2B setting and bridge two streams of research – innovation management and customer engagement – to strengthen conceptual understanding of firm innovation strategies on engagement. Our results have implications for managers in B2B markets on strategic decisions related to product launch, resource allocation, client satisfaction, client sentiment, and ultimately client engagement. We also show under what conditions service recovery mitigates the negative effect of service failures on client experience in B2B space.